Submitted to Be A Maker, March 20, 2017
by Anna L…

Things I Like

I like the feeling of the breeze when it passes right through you
the moment you feel a chill
the moment when everything is quiet
and you can hear the rush of the ocean and the silence of a forest all at the

I like the way my cat shines when he wakes from a nap
squinty eyes tell me he had the most wondrous dream
and when the light hits him you can see into his sunshine eyes
and you know that this day is going to be unforgettable

I like the way it feels when you can’t stop laughing
not even a little
and the people around you have rain in their eyes because eyes are like skies
and sometimes they let a bit of water out when they’re

I like when there’s a birthday
and it isn’t yours
but you’ve made something so magnificent its like the streamers have been put up around your insides
and the party is in your heart
and you cant wait
and you feel like maybe

But I love when I look into my mirror
and instead of putting “I don’t like” in front of all of my
I put
“I like”